Authentic Food Freedom and Joyful Movement

Meet Sarah

Integrative clinical nutrition and personal training


Join me on the journey.

Hey there!
I’m Sarah Petty, an integrative clinical nutritionist who’s more interested in your mental health than your weight. I help women kick chronic dieting, balance periods, and support mood with targeted nutrition and lifestyle changes.

Like yours, my story is frustrating, inspiring, and far from over.

After reversing pediatric obesity by developing a guilt complex and disordered eating patterns in high school, I began life as an adult with some profoundly inaccurate ideas about health. My struggles with food continued in college and beyond, as I alternated between restriction and abundance.

The guilt, shame, physical discomfort, and single-minded determination to never be fat again turned so many positive experiences into emotionally exhausting ones. My biggest mistake was thinking that knowledge of nutrition would solve my only created more questions! 

Knowledge of self became the biggest positive influence in my recovery, as I painfully uncovered the root issues behind my weight gains and losses, and began to embrace the possibility that I already had the answers.

Very, very slowly, I came to realize that food is only part of health. Other components are movement, mindfulness, sleep, spirituality, and connection with others. Each of these works together with food to form healthy bodies, minds, and souls. This idea is based in science, not wishful thinking!

I challenge you to consider what this means for your own health journey. What knowledge do you already have? This is the place to start.