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Hey there!
I’m Sarah Petty.

I’m an integrative clinical nutritionist and personal trainer who cares more about your mental health than your weight.

I help women kick chronic dieting, balance periods, and support mood with targeted nutrition and lifestyle changes. Like yours, my story is frustrating, inspiring, and far from over.

I started my fitness journey when I woke up one day and realized I hated my body.

I was fat. Really fat. At age 14 I wore size 20-22 pants.

So obviously, the solution was to get smaller. Less fat = more happiness, right?


I spent hours on the elliptical machine. I cut back on my portion sizes, and sometimes “accidentally” skipped meals. I got smaller, and fitter. And I thought I was happier.

But my shame followed me wherever I went.

I was still miserable on the inside. I still hated my body, and tried to cover it up. I never wore shorts or tank tops, and I sucked in my stomach for hours at social gatherings. Somehow, I thought that would make me more likable, more acceptable.

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After graduating college, I decided that I wanted to help other people like me. Being fat was the “worst” thing that ever happened to me, and I didn’t want other teens to feel helpless like I did. Secretly, I still felt helpless, and I didn’t understand my own body. So I read nutrition textbooks in my spare time and contemplated getting a certification or degree. I became hyper-focused on nutrition and exercise. In the process, I thought,

“Surely if I have the right information, I’ll finally be thin.”

I got a master’s degree in nutrition science and integrative health, which answered a few of my questions and gave me hundreds of new unanswered ones. I realized that lack of technical knowledge wasn’t the reason I was unhappy. I learned that my internal happiness and value could be independent of my appearance.

I learned that, by focusing on my appearance more than factors that actually affected my health, I had created unhealthy eating, moving, and thinking patterns that affected my mood and relationships.

Very, very slowly, I came to realize that I shouldn’t focus on food quite as much. Other components of health are movement, mindfulness, sleep, spirituality, and connection with others. Each of these works together with food to form healthy bodies, minds, and souls. This idea is based in science, not wishful thinking!

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I eat and move to nourish my body. I don’t punish myself with fasting, calorie restriction, or overexercise.

And I help my clients with the same approach! I offer integrative clinical nutrition support that is based in mindful and intuitive eating. I determine what your workout should be based on your goals, as well as your stress level and how much sleep you had last night. I acknowledge that food and movement are only part of your health journey. And since they are my specialty, I offer science-based insights into how those key factors can support your health, especially if you have a hormone or mental health condition.

I challenge you to consider what this means for your own health journey.

What knowledge do you already have? This is the place to start.

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