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How not dieting improves your metabolism

Have you gone on a diet because you feel sluggish, only to feel more sluggish? Do you gain weight when eating “normal” amounts of food? Have you found a way of eating that eliminates all your problem foods (and all of your joy), but if you take just a few days off you regain weight? Unfortunately, diets often make your metabolism worse. If you’ve never experienced this, you are lucky. Diets manipulate the body in so many ways, and this often results in impaired metabolism.

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3 Easy Ways to Get Better at Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating has been around as long as humans have been eating. It’s the way we naturally eat when we are unencumbered by diet mentality, food rules, or the fear of being fat. That’s right, intuitive eating is not a diet or an “eating style.” It is not quantifiable because it is different for everyone…which makes it a bit scary if you’re used to rules or guidelines.

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