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Hormone Rehab

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Hormone Rehab:

6 Weeks to Balanced Emotions and Awesome Periods!


Do any of these sound familiar?

Intense cravings - “You could inhale a box of chocolate or a bag of chips”

Cramps for days - “Will the stabbing ever stop?”

Irregular cycles - “45 days, 28 days, surprise!”

Mood swings - “One minute you’re chill, the next you’re a sobbing mess!”

Hot flashes - “Where does this sweat even come from?”

Breakouts - “That one spot on your chin keeps coming back…”

Excessive bloating - “Wearing pants is not on the agenda today.”

Fatigue - “You move like a slow motion zombie, or you don’t move at all.”

Did you know that all of these symptoms indicate hormonal and nutritional imbalances?

They are not normal components of the menstrual cycle.

You don’t HAVE to have them!

PMS hormone sadness mood swings

Your period can be predictable, minimally painful, and unobtrusive.

Beyond your period, hormones play a huge role in:

  • everyday energy - hormones increase or decrease the amount of energy you can produce

  • exercise recovery - hormones can make or break your ability to recover fast from weight lifting and running

  • good mood - hormone changes equal mood changes

  • libido - hormones can make sex totally awesome, or totally not

  • bone density - hormones regulate your bone remodeling

    If your period isn’t happy, your whole body might not be either!

    These symptoms are often lumped together and called PMS. You might ignore or begrudgingly accept these symptoms as part of the experience of being a woman, but it doesn’t have to be this way.

    When you attempt to disconnect from these uncomfortable symptoms, you ignore your body’s cries for help. Your body figures out that its needs will not be met, and then the cries for help get louder!

    What if you could get really, REALLY in touch with your body?

How could your life change if you don’t dread the week before your period?

Would you be happier? More resilient? Less prone to candy binges? More creative? Appreciative of your body’s strength? Less irritable?

happy women hormone balance

What if you had a plan and a guide to help you navigate your period?

Not just any plan, but one that integrates the latest science with your deepest intuition.

Not just any guide, but one who can relate to your experience and has the knowledge to help you kick those pesky symptoms.

hormone expert PMS nutritionist

Hey there, I’m Sarah Petty, M.S.

I’m an integrative clinical nutritionist and personal trainer, and I have periods too.

In fact, I kinda like periods because they tell me so much about what my body is going through at a cellular level. Some people get squeamish reading about periods…I get excited.

One of my favorite things to do is help women understand their bodies, and especially their hormones.

Typically, I do this through exclusively tailored nutrition therapy. These sessions incorporate long-term education and behavior change strategies that reduce symptoms and increase satisfaction.

My individualized approach is expensive in both time and monetary cost, and I’m well aware that it’s not the best fit for everyone.

That’s why I’m offering a more streamlined option for you!

If you want to balance your hormones on your own time and within your own budget, this is the plan for you!

Hormone Rehab:

a six week interactive course : get your healthy menstrual cycle back!

Week 1: understand your hormones - what they do, how they’re made, and how balancing them can improve your cramps, bloating, and mood

Week 2: balance your hormones by supporting blood sugar, gut health, and stress, so you can get to the root cause of your cravings

Week 3: translate your PMS symptoms - learn to speak your body’s language and understand what your symptoms mean

Week 4: how to get started with your unique hormone rehab plan, and tips to stay motivated when the novelty wears off

Week 5: feel confident in choosing foods that support your hormones - eat in a way that makes you feel amazing

Week 6: assess birth control options - make the safest choice for your health and reduce side effects like depression and weight gain

Hormone Rehab includes:

  • educational videos every week explore each topic with colorful graphics and easy-to-understand explanations

  • printable PDF handouts help you truly grasp each concept and have a tangible reminder of why it’s important

  • hormone balance assessment allows you to identify which hormones need the most help

  • nutrition templates give you meal planning ideas that are actually easy to implement and won’t break the bank

  • exercise guidelines show you how different kinds of movement can be enjoyable, even when you’re cramping

  • sleep, relationship, and stress management tips, because these affect your hormones too!

  • lots of science in an easy-to-understand format

  • the tools you need to plan your path to hormone happiness

Hormone Rehab does not include:

  • a diet (it won’t work for this sort of thing…you need sustainable habit changes)

  • a “lifestyle change” disguised as a diet (no rules here, they’re more like guidelines)

  • magical fairy dust (although you might feel like it is!)

P.S. - chocolate is totally approved!

PMS chocolate

So what do you have to lose?

Your body has been patiently waiting for you to show it some love. Give it the building blocks to make happy hormones!

This one-of-a-kind program starts January 7th and lasts for 6 information-packed weeks. You’ll interact with the material via my secure portal, and I’ll check-in by emailing you each week.

This program is worth more than $425, but the investment cost for Hormone Rehab is only $19 per week. That’s a few Starbucks drinks or a spin class. You can pay all at once, or in weekly installments.

What will happen if you don’t sign up now? Nothing. This program will come and go. Your crazy cycles, annoying cramps, unstable mood, or intense acne will stay the same.


Let’s recap all the benefits of Hormone Rehab:

  • You’ll receive a TON of information that I’ve compiled in my research on women’s health, period problems, and hormone balance…and this information will be easy to understand!

  • The material is yours to keep forever! Just save it to your computer or print it out.

  • I’ll be with you every step of the way, checking in with emails and chats to make sure you’re connecting with the material each week and answer any questions you have.

  • You’ll be able to use all this information immediately, and I’ll help you figure out the next healthy habits to work on after you’ve completed the program.

  • You will have everything you need to finally make your hormones happy!